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Delivering delicious, hot pizza from store to door

Try our stone baked artisan pizza crafted with
award winning British produce.

We’re pretty different, you know

We’ve redefined your expectations of real pizza and how it should be delivered.

To do this we have set ourselves the challenge of delivering hot, stone baked artisan pizza to your door, crafted using some of the finest British ingredients, whilst also providing you with a game changing experience that you feel great about!

A special delivery

There’s no vroom for not caring

With our ethos for good, honest, natural we put no nasties in your food or the air as we zip around town in our zero emission or low carbon fleet.

Feeling a little extra

Treat yourself

Looking for some refreshing craft beer, wine or bubbles to go with your pizzas? Or, why not treat yourself to gourmet chocolate popcorn for after?

Our stores do more

No plastic pizza

Real food is both delicious and healthy, so we’re proud to tell you about the origins of our ingredients. Meticulously sourced from responsible British producers and suppliers.

Superfast, stone ovens.

Real pizza means stone baked, that’s why with our natural dough and super hot stone ovens you get an authentic thin and crispy pizza that’s super tasty, yet light and digestible.

Our Michelin starred Executive Chef

Unlike any other other pizza delivery business, we have one of the country’s most talented and rising chefs leading the team, Paul Foster. What a ‘Michelin’ star!

Unrivalled deliciousness and goodness

Veggie? Vegan? We’ve got you covered, with over half of our menu tantalising your taste buds. Tasty, healthy salads and refreshing craft beer, wine or bubbles to accompany your pizzas.

Simple pricing with no gimmicks

No half price or 2 for 1 gimmicks at Birtelli’s, with our simple honest menu. A single size pizza for a fair tasty price. Order online and earn free pizza!

Pizza makes the world go around

A greener better world means real pizza forever, that’s why our eco-commitment extends beyond reducing food miles and low carbon delivery, with sustainable packaging, digital payment and much much more.

  • Margherita

    The Queen of pizza, 100% buffalo mozzarella from award winning delicatessen, Aubrey Allen and fiore di latte mozzarella from Yester Farms in East Lothian. Traditional cheese for a proper creamy, yet light Margherita.

  • Cobble Lane Pepperoni

    The finest English Pepperoni from award winning charcuterie, Cobble Lane Cured in Islington. It’s that good we add nothing else!

  • Ticklemore Goats Cheese

    A fresh and zesty, award winning goat’s cheese from the acclaimed Sharphams estate in Devon. Goat’s cheese with wilted spinach, red onions and sweet comfy onion marmalade.

  • Wenlock Edge Coppa

    A traditionally cured ham from award winning Wenlock Edge farm in Shropshire, complemented with fresh chestnut mushrooms and spring onions.

  • Biggleswade Chilli & Capsicums

    Mild cayenne chilli pepper grown in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, with yellow peppers, roasted red peppers and hot roquito peppers.

Leamington Spa

10 Clarendon Avenue,
Leamington Spa,
CV32 5PZ, United Kingdom

Tel: 01926 257177
Email: [email protected]