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Our Mission

Committed to go beyond pizza

We’re striving for a happier, better world

That commitment starts with our mission to bring moments of happiness and wellbeing to every home with a Birtelli’s.

From farm to slice, our pizza rarely travels far

We craft your pizza with fresh ingredients, from our fabulously creamy mozzarella produced by award winning Yester Farms Diaries in East Lothian, to our succulent smoked chicken breast produced in the beautiful Blubberhouses Moor by Mackenzies Yorkshire Smokehouse.

We love telling you where your food comes from

We trust in the food we serve you because we are meticulous about selecting producers and suppliers who fit with our family values and greener ethos. They all have a story to share with a common aim to delight us.

Forever hungry for a greener world, one with maximum taste and zero waste.

With that in mind, 96% of our packaging, across both stores and pizza kits, is plastic free and everything we deliver can be eaten, reused, recycled or composted. (We continue to nibble away at the remaining 4%)

No fleeting promises, just an eco-friendly fleet

We’re driven to create better pizza and a better world. And we’ve set the wheels in motion – every Birtelli’s vehicle on the road is either low-carbon or zero emission, so you can be confident of authentic pizza with a wholesome conscience.

Our proud suppliers

The origin and quality of the food and drink we serve is key to your happiness and wellbeing.

A selection of our suppliers below

Happiness and wellbeing…

This means nurturing and delighting our customers with only goodness, a greater respect and appreciation for our team, our planet, and an increased opportunity for us to grow in a good, honest, happy world.

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