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Add an extra slice of joy

We’ve hand picked select artisan food and drink from award winning British producers to compliment your individual pizza kits.

Cotswold Gold Oils

Cotswold Gold, an award winning producer of british cold pressed rapeseed oil. They only use crops grown on the family farm in the Cotswolds to ensure that only the finest seeds are pressed to create a vibrant, golden oil.

  • Chilli Oil


    Naturally infused with chilli, this rapeseed oil infusion gives warmth to a dish without being overpowering. Starting with buttery undertones, building to a full chilli flavour and finishing with a zing and heat. (100ml)

  • Garlic Oil


    Naturally infused with garlic, this rapeseed oil infusion is as flavoursome as fresh garlic, minus the chopping! (100ml)

  • Smoked Rapeseed Oil


    Naturally smoked over beech wood, this smoked infusion is deep and distinctive adding depth of flavour to dishes. For the most intense smoky taste, drizzle on after cooking! (100ml)


Delicious award winning artisan desserts from Joe&Seph’s and Willie’s Cacao all made from 100% natural ingredients.

  • Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites


    Smooth and rich with a satisfying crunch, each popcorn kernel is air-popped (not fried!), before being hand-coated in Joe & Seph’s unique rich salted caramel sauce and then sumptuously placed in a delicious, silky milk chocolate cup.

  • Milk Of The Gods


    Silky smooth milk chocolate with the exquisitely layered notes of the cacao dancing with the milk. Willie’s Cacao have used a beautiful Rio Caribe bean with its classic nutty, coffee notes. Together with raw cane sugar, natural cocoa butter and milk, it is simply sublime. (50g bar)

  • Luscious Orange


    It only took Willie’s Cacao one visit to the eastern tip of Cuba to fall in love with these exquisite single estate beans from Baracoa. Their delicate honey flavour is simply born to be with orange. Crafted in small batches from the bean in my chocolate factory in England, this is one deliciously desirable square of dark chocolate. (50g bar)

  • Salted Caramel Pearls


    Crack through the Surabaya 54 milk chocolate shell into cascades of molten caramel, with the delicate flakes of Cornish sea salt riding the waves. As the chocolate melts, the flavours gently entwine. Made from one of the world’s great single estate cacaos and completely natural ingredients, it’s a journey of endless surprises with these rare and precious pearls. (150g)

  • Praline Truffles


    The taste of pure decadence. Dark Chocolate Truffles craft made with rich single estate dark chocolate, freshly roasted hazelnuts and a pinch of Cornish Sea Salt, they are dipped in chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. Everything is totally natural, with no artificial anything. (110g 16 truffles)

Beer & Bubbles

Award winning British beer with character from Purity Brewing Co in the heart of Warwickshire, to sparkling bubbles and a force for good with organic Karma soft drinks. Essential additions for a perfect beer, bubbles and Birtelli’s experience.

  • Lawless Lager


    Lawless Lager is Puritys maverick brew that follows the 500-year-old Bavarian brewing law to achieve traditional purity using only four ingredients. Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, Caragold, lager yeast combined with Puritys own mineral rich local water. (33cl, 4.5% ABV)

  • Longhorn IPA


    Longhorn IPA as in expertly brewed craft ale named after the herd of Longhorn Cattle that feed of Purity’s spent grains. The finest natural ingredients are used to create an American style IPA that is full of character and which leaves you wanting more. (33cl, 5% ABV)

  • Pure Helles Lager


    Pure Helles uses the finest English organic malt and hops with a blend of classic organic noble hops of the highest quality from Bavaria that give Pure Helles a clean, refreshing and bright appearance but with that unmistakable Purity character. (33cl, 5.0% ABV, Vegan and Gluten Free)

  • Purity Point Five


    Introducing Purity’s first ever low alcohol brew Point Five, Every-Day Pale! This new brew is full flavoured, vegan, organic and gluten free, with only 0.5% alcohol. Pure Quality brew that is low in alcohol but full in flavour. (33cl, 0.5% ABV, Vegan, Gluten Free)

  • Pure Cider


    Pure Cider is created in partnership with Celtic Marches, artisan producers of premium quality cider. Exclusively sourced from the Frome Valley, every apple is picked from orchards within a 1.5 Mile radius of the Celtic Marches farm. Medium and well rounded. (33cl, 4.6% ABV)

  • Malbec Red Wine


    This medium-bodied Argentinian wine is juicy, has wicked depth and gives reds a good name. A classic Argentinian Malbec. (187ml, Vegan)

  • Sauvignon Blanc White Wine


    This dry and crisp French white is seriously up for anything. Comes from the luscious hills of true wine country too. (187ml, Vegan)

  • Terre Di Guilio Prosecco


    Pale straw colour with the aroma of apples, pear and honey. Well balanced acidity giving a fresh vibrant mouthfeel with a clean dry finish. (20cl)

Soft drinks

Karma Drinks – Based in Hertfordshire, Karma’s ethos for organic, fair trade ingredients means what you drink not only tastes good, is good for the land, good for the people who grow the ingredients and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be. #DrinkNoEvil.

  • Karma Cola


    Karmas original cola is made with Fairtrade organic cane sugar and real cola grown by the Mende & Temne people of Sierra Leone. Part of the proceeds of each bottle goes to the growers’ families. (250ml)

  • Karma Cola Sugar Free


    You want a cola that refreshes your thirst, tastes fantastic and isn’t full of sugar or any of that diet-zero-lite artificial stuff that tastes as weird as it sounds. We have the answer. (250ml)

  • Karma Ginger Ale


    Gingerella Ginger Ale is made from Mother Natures magical healer – ginger – grown organically by farmers in Forest Garden Growers Association in Sri Lanka. (250ml)

  • Karma Lemonade


    Lemony Lemonade is made with a combination of organic lemons and Fairtrade organic cane sugar. (250ml)

Accessories & Specials

  • Pizza Cooking Mesh


    Reusable cooking mesh sheet ideal for baking our ready to top crafted bases. Sits directly on the oven shelf and allows air to circulate to ensure a crisp pizza every time. Withstands temperatures up to 260°C/500°F and is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. (32cm in diameter)