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Supplier Spotlight: Asparagus from Wye Valley

When we think of spring, what comes to mind? Some people will tell you it’s the first flower of the season. Others might say the warmer weather. For us, it’s the start of the Asparagus season that gets us excited!  

Asparagus is not in season for very long so it’s a good idea to make the most of these firm, delicate spears while you can. With this said, we got excited and crafted two pizzas…that’s right two to celebrate the Asparagus season! In true Birtelli’s style, we love to tell you all about where your food comes from, so that you too can discover the same passion for quality ingredients through the stories that sit behind your Birtelli’s pizza.

Wye Valley Produce

The Chinn family have been harvesting asparagus since 2005 on the beautiful slopes of the meandering Wye Valley in Herefordshire. After planting their first asparagus crop in the spring of 2003, the fourth-generation farmers have since become the biggest producer of British Asparagus in the UK.   

“It is our attention to freshness and quality, as well as the natural advantage of our location, which makes Wye Valley Produce stand out from the rest.”  

– The Chinn Family

As this delicate vegetable thrives best in cool, damp conditions, England is an asparagus paradise. This is a plant that takes three years of nurturing before it produces its first crop. And that crop is just a handful of slender spears – maybe a dozen per plant.   

Wye Valley Produce uses the UK’s natural climate to their advantage, the light, sandy soil and south-facing slopes capture the earliest spring sunlight and create a microclimate that is perfectly formed which allows the crops to develop slowly, producing a full, sweet flavour and great texture. The short-lived vegetable is hand-harvested from March through to July and hydro-cooled down to 2° C within the hour. This ensures that it retains maximum freshness and flavour. A process that makes Wye Valley Produce the epitome of asparagus excellence.  

‘Wye’ is it nutritious and healthy?

Asparagus, a herbaceous perennial plant that’s a member of the lily family has slender spears with pointed, scaled tips and is a powerhouse of nutrients. Containing more folic acid than any other vegetable, as well as fibre, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

Make the most of this short-lived local gem with one of our two Spring Asparagus Pizza