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Scrumptious and Nutritious

Six Nations Guest pizza

One of the primary reasons people love a Birtelli’s pizza is owed to the skill of Paul Foster and the team of chefs to craft a treat that is nutritious, healthier and plain yummy!  

Our Six Nations guest pizza is a testament to this skill. From protecting our bones to boosting our immune system and nourishing our skin, the Six Nations pizza is a mouthwatering blend of ingredients that combine to produce something nutritious, and delicious.  

To bring this to life we’ve put together a short guide that explores the scrumptious award-winning ingredients that make up our Six Nations pizza, many of which have been curated from artisan British and Irish producers. Our Six Nations Guest is available to order fresh from store, or as a pizza kit, ready to craft, bake and enjoy at home.

Cahill's Cheddar cheese wheel and block

Irish Cheddar 

The star of the show. Our Irish porter infused cheddar from Cahill’s. This full-bodied cheddar with caramel undertones is full of calcium, vitamin D, and A as well as protein, magnesium and zinc. This cheese provides all of the essential nutrients for muscle growth, building and repair.  

Scottish Fior de latte mozzarella cubes on a board

Scottish Fior De Latte Mozzarella 

Many of us are becoming deficient in essential nutrients that support bone health. Like many cheeses known for being rich in calcium, it’s no different with our fior de latte mozzarella. This creamy award-winning Scottish cheese is also a great source of biotin which helps maintain many of your body’s major systems and helps your body use enzymes and carry nutrients throughout the body. 

Smoked Pulled English ham on a chopping board

English Smoked Ham 

This cut of pork taken from the leg provides a lean source of protein. Our smoked, pulled ham supplies all nine essential amino acids needed for growth and repair. As such, the protein is ‘high quality,’ being an easy form for our bodies to access and use. 

Red tomatoes on the vine

Italian Tomatoes 

In fact a fruit, their affinity for other savoury ingredients means that they are usually classed as a vegetable. Known for being loaded with a substance called lycopene, giving them their infamous bright red colour, it helps protect them from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. In much the same way, it can help protect your cells from damage.  

Pile of Red onions

Red Onions 

A milder alternative to the yellow onion, their shiny purple skin and red-tinged flesh are endlessly versatile. With potent antioxidant compounds helping to fight inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, reduce high blood pressure and protect against blood clots. 

Garlic Bulbs

Garlic Oil 

Garlic is about as French a vegetable as you can get. Our friends over at Cotswold Gold infuse this naturally strong, and spicy flavour vegetable, into a mellow and sweet infused oil.  

Cotswold Gold infuses premium cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil with garlic to create an oil naturally rich in vitamin C, B6, E, and containing omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids. 

three welsh leeks

Welsh Leeks 

This allium vegetable is related to onions and garlic. Sweet, with a milder taste than its cousins, leeks are rich in antioxidants and sulfur compounds, as well as minerals like iron and manganese. The minerals are essential for roles in the body such as cell regeneration and DNA replication, bone-building, blood clotting, and the activation of enzymes. 

Our Six Nations guest pizza is available to order fresh from store, or as a pizza kit, ready to craft, bake and enjoy at home.