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Pizza Making Tips

Pizza Making Tips from our Pizza Experts

As you can imagine, we get to test lots of ways to make the best at-home pizzas…it’s tasty work! And our team of pizza lovers, trained chefs and our Michelin starred executive chef Paul Foster love to share their pizza making tips using different methods, so you too can enjoy a scrumptious ‘pizza’ Birtelli’s anywhere, anyhow, anytime.

Pizza Making Tips - making a Birtelli's pizza kit with an Ooni pizza oven.
Ooni Koda 12

Pizza Ovens

Perhaps our chefs are a little fussy, but they struggled a little with the Roccbox and Ooni Koda 12, solely due to the lack of space to turn the pizzas within the small mouth of both ovens – perhaps smaller pizzettes about 8-10” are best. 

For this reason, the Ooni Karu 16 works a dream. We have two! For greater flexibility, with the gas option, our chefs were able to easily adjust the temperatures, both stone, and air, to make pizzas using both our fresh dough balls and pre-stretched bases. 

Pizza Making Tips: The key to using this oven with ease is the peel you have, the longer the handle the easier it is to manoeuvre the pizza around the oven for that perfect even pizza crust!

Pizza Making Tips - making a Birtelli's pizza kit with an Alfresco Chef pizza oven.
Alfresco Chef

Alfresco Chef

The Alfresco Chef baked some great pizzas, providing that authentic wood-fired look and taste. All without breaking the bank! Not as trendy or as functional as the Ooni, but pretty tasty pizza!  

Pizza Making Tips: We recommend mixing hickory chips with larger pieces of wood, this will ensure heat lasts longer, but still contains the flavour of the hickory.

Prepare all your pizzas at one time, this oven burns through wood quickly so prepare your pizzas altogether to avoid anyone missing out.

Making a Birtelli's pizza kit with a Big Green Egg / Kettle BBQ
The Big Green Egg

Kettle BBQ’s

The Big Green Egg (BGE) required a bit more time and care to get it to temperature, but once it got going it produced a beautifully crispy pizza…even the smokiness of the hickory was encased within the crust of the pizza. The BGE can do so much more, so one for the pros. 

For us mere mortals with less skill and time, a gas-fueled kettle barbecue offers greater convenience and ease. Especially when making a few pizzas one after the other. 

Pizza Making Tips: Let your flames completely die down before adding your pizza to the BBQ, nobody wants a black base and uncooked toppings.

Making a Birtelli's pizza kit with Camping Gaz stove.
Camping Gaz Stove


Inspired by the great outdoors, our Marketing Lead, Abi, gave the Camping Gaz a whirl on a remote trip away, and boy it did not disappoint! The plate gets super-hot so great for fresh dough.

She’s tempted to take the Ooni next time and have her Birtelli’s pizza kit delivered to the site. The downside of course is camper pizza envy!! 

Pizza Making Tips: The key was to prepare and par-bake the top of the hand stretch base first, so face down. Then flip it, top it, bake it!  

Making a Birtelli's pizza kit with a Fry Pan & Grill.
Frying Pan & Grill

Frying pan and Grill

The results with a pan will amaze even the most ardent disbeliever. Are you old enough to remember the Nescafe ads of the 80s and 90s? No fancy coffee machine, just a hot kettle and plenty of sound effects!  

The convenience, speed, and results make the frying pan a winner all year round, come rain or shine! Also perfect for those self catering breaks away or as an alternative to a camping stove.

Pizza Making Tips: Use Cotswold Gold’s flavoured olive oils on the base of your frying pan, this will infuse the dough leaving you with a beautifully flavoured pizza, and an extra-crispy base…YUM!

Whatever your tool of choice, get crafting, create moments, smile, and enjoy Birtelli’s pizza!