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June Guest Pizza – Suffolk Chorizo and Yorkshire Smoked Chicken

Introducing our newest guest pizza featuring smokey, bold flavours that remind you of summertime.

Birtelli's June Guest Pizza

June Guest Pizza

‘Award-winning Lane Farm Suffolk Chorizo smoked over oak and beech chippings and Mackenzies

Yorkshire smoked chicken breast, crafted with roasted red peppers, chilli flakes and the nuttiness of Berkswell cheese to finish’

As is Birtelli’s custom, let us take a moment to admire our suppliers who supply the award-winning ingredients that make this pizza so delicious. Featuring a blend of smokey, sweet, spicy, and buttery flavours, our newest guest pizza is a must-try. 

Suffolk Salami Co

Suffolk Salami Co was founded by a husband and wife team who became enchanted by the way Salami is made, smoked, and tasted as they travelled through Italy. As a result, Ian and Sue travelled to Europe to discover both the art and science behind great tasting air-dried meat. Each time returning to their pig breed farm in Brundish, Suffolk to create some of the finest salamis in Europe. By putting quality, provenance, and sustainability at the forefront of everything they do, Suffolk Salami quickly established itself as a leading British charcuterie producer. 

Our choice for cured meat is Suffolk’s spicy chorizo, which is made from carefully selected herbs, spices, and their own pork. Our founders quickly became devoted to this handmade meat, seasoned with sweet, bittersweet and hot paprika, then lightly smoked over oak and beechwood, and finally cured for six weeks.

Mackenzies Yorkshire Smokehouse

Set amidst the beautiful Blubberhouses Moor lies Mackenzies Yorkshire Smokehouse, run by husband and wife team Paul and Gabby Palmer. For more than 25 years have pioneered and created some of the finest smoked foods available in the UK.

Their traditional methods of smoking, which enthuses their chicken with a distinctive smokey flavour, rocketed the brand to fame when it beat the competition for a spot in London’s luxury food Mecca, Fortnum and Mason’s.

Berkswell Cheese

Berkswell Cheese is produced in a dairy at Ram Hall Farm in the small picturesque village of Berkswell in Warwickshire.

This is one of the finest examples of a British ewes’ milk cheese, using only the milk from their own flock of Friesland sheep. The cheese is entirely handmade by our amazing and dedicated team of Julie, Sue and Beth. Berkswell’s taste profile features deep enduring flavours due to the maturation process, which is longer than many of its contemporaries.