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Easter Season with Birtelli’s

Easter is a cracking time for quality family time. It’s also when the juggle is real for many parents with the kids at home from school, looking to be entertained and fed an endless supply of snacks. We’ve teamed up with the team and parents behind Your Offers. Kids Offers. for ideas and inspiration to keep everyone happy this half term. We’re talking about activities that are easy to do, low cost and lots of fun.

Pizza Kits

There is no better way to kick off Easter than with a spot of pizza making. Team YOKO considers our pizza kits a go-to for when the kids have their friends over or the family comes to visit. Nurture the little chefs at home and feed their curious minds and hungry bellies with Birtelli’s pizza kits brimming with award-winning British produce and delivered to your door.

Inspiration for Indoors

Easter potato stamps 

Potato Printed Cards

Crack open the paints and get the potatoes from the cupboard. Cut the spuds in half, carve a pattern (a grown-up’s job) and let the kids stamp everything in sight (within reason!)

Photo credit: @mykidcraft

No-sew Easter sock bunny.
feeling nifty

No-Sew Sock Bunny

Got odd socks hanging around? Of course you do; you’re a parent! You’ll need some dry rice, rubber bands, ribbon and marker pens. It’ll take you and them around 5 or so minutes to make these cute sock bunnies following the instructions on Feeling

Photo credit: @feelingnifty

Family cress heads

Family Cress Heads

Grow family cress heads. Old yoghurt pots. Check. Print outs of all family members. Check. Now get the kids to fill with soil and cress seeds and water regularly. Keep indoors and watch them giggle as the ‘hair’ grows!

Photo credit: @pinterestuk

Outdoor Inspiration

Upcycled bird feeder

Upcycled Bird Feeder

Grab a milk carton, clean it out, cut out a hole for the birds to access the feed and scour the garden or park for a stick for the bird perch. Add some beads onto the string, decorate the milk carton, fill it with bird feed and voila!

Photo credit: @kidmademodern

Safari animal garden markers

Animal Garden Markers

A sort through the kids’ toy boxes will take some time, and when they find some old toy animals, it’s time for the fun to really begin! First off, let the kids paint their old toys and when dry use chalk pens to write the labels and pop them in the garden or by your indoor plants.

Photo credit: @momtrends

Easter egg hunt for toddlers.

Easter Egg Hunt for Toddlers

Easter egg hunts are a rite of passage for most kids, but sometimes the littlest ones need a bit of help. To give your toddlers a fun hint, tie colourful balloons to the eggs.

Photo credit: @celebrationsathome

As we leave Lent behind, and move into the warmer half of the year, there is plenty of time to relish the outdoors and enjoy time together as a family!

Join The Hunt!

In honour of the Easter season, we have SIX luscious Willie’s Cacao orange chocolate chip Cookie Kits to add to six lucky Pizza Kit orders.

To enter this giveaway, just add ‘EASTER COOKIE HUNT’ to your Delivery Notes during your Pizza Kit order process at checkout and our team will pick 6 lucky orders at random. The hunt will run until the end of April.

Happy Easter!

Team Birtelli’s