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Bookmark your Favourite Birtelli’s day(s)

We’ve launched our daily specials from our store, which means you have more reasons to enjoy a Birtelli’s throughout the week! 

Kick start Monday and Tuesday 

After an indulgent weekend, we’re often in need of some motivation to kick start the week. And what’s better than a selection of 8 healthy salads, combined with a nutritious, energy-packed Birtelli’s pizza crafted with good, honest, natural ingredients. 

What’s more, you get to decide whether to enjoy your start of the week Birtelli’s solo or share it with someone else. Choose from: 

  • 1 salad and 1 pizza £14.99 
  • 2 salads and one pizza £19.99 
  • 2 salads and 2 pizzas £25.99 

Hump day without the hump 

Ideal if you’re working a conventional 5 day, Monday to Friday or simply in need of a mid-week pick me up. Wine Wednesday gently soothes the early week wrinkles and glides you into the rest of the week. 

A bottle of Birtelli’s wine and 2 pizzas £27.99 

Thankful for thirsty Thursday 

Quench your thirst and hunger on Thursdays with a selection of our award-winning craft beers and Birtelli’s pizza. Thursday is the new Friday after all!  

4 craft beers and 2 pizzas £27.99 

Quaff, sip, or gulp

You finally made it to the weekend! Whether you choose to celebrate or unwind, a chilled glass or two of Prosecco, with a scrumptious Birtelli’s pizza is a must. Get set to quaff, sip or gulp those bubbles and enjoy the start of the weekend! 

A bottle of Prosecco and 2 pizzas £30.99 

Make sure to bookmark your favourite Birtelli’s day(s).