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6 Ways to Make Pizza Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime.

The topic of home pizza-making is trending everywhere, from social media to pubs, to Boardrooms, and importantly mealtimes at home! And that means the search is firmly on for that perfect bake and experience. 

The home pizza oven is naturally the go-to tool that everyone covets to add to their outdoor dining experience…Ooni, Gozney, Deli Vita, and Stadler, are but a few of the names discussed over a tasty pizza!  

And whilst we all love that feeling of basking in the sunshine, enjoying some alfresco dining, the peculiar British climate just never quite goes to plan! That’s why our chefs have crafted the perfect meal kit solution that makes the experience of crafting pizza at home (or away) more inclusive for everyone. 

So, let’s explore how you can enjoy making a Birtelli’s Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow. 

Stone/Clay Built in pizza oven

Stone / Clay Built Oven

The ultimate way to make pizza! Many of us can only dream of having gardens big enough to home one of these beasts. If you are lucky enough to have one, then fire it up and let’s make, bake, and eat glorious wood-fired pizza the traditional way! 

Apart from the garden space and cost, you’ll pray to the weather gods often. 

Base to choose: There’s only one choice for a traditional oven, fresh dough balls! 

Alfresco Chef Ember Pizza oven

Pizza Oven | Gas or Wood-Fired

As you’d expect, we’ve enjoyed crafting a few pizzas on quite a few mobile pizza ovens. From the Gozney Roccbox, to the Ooni Koda 12 and Ooni Karu 16, oh and a woodfired Alfresco Chef that was kindly sent to us. 

Base to choose: Fresh dough balls, but for extra crispiness, the pre-stretched bases would work too, just watch the bottom of the base. 

Kettle Barbecue

The Big Green Egg, the Rolls Royce of kettle ovens…and wow-what a perfectly formed, beautiful piece of art! If you have any thoughts of grandeur around your chef ability then this is the one for you.

Base to choose: Fresh dough balls on a super-hot pizza stone, but for extra crispiness, the pre-stretched bases would work too, just watch the bottom of the base. 

Campingaz party stove with pizza

Camping Stove

The Party Grill from Campingaz stove. The plate gets super-hot so great for fresh dough. The key is to prepare and par-bake the top of the hand stretch base first, so face down. Then flip it, top it, and bake it! 

Base to choose: Fresh dough balls are best, as the pre-stretched bases are already par-baked; therefore likely to cook much faster than the toppings. 

Frying pan and grill method

Frying Pan & Grill

No fancy pizza oven? Wet and cold outside? No cry! Some of our finest pizza creations have been made and enjoyed simply with a trusty frying pan and grill.  

Base to choose: Fresh dough balls (….sound effects of a wood-fired pizza oven crackling away are optional!) 

Domestic oven for pizza

Conventional Oven

Whilst the experience of making pizza with fresh dough is always great fun, the simplicity of our pre-stretched and par-baked bases is a no brainer for everyone. No matter what your skill level the pre-stretched bases are made with the same quality natural dough. 

Base to choose: Pre-stretched bases, even comes with a gluten-free option. 

Whatever your tool of choice, get crafting, create moments, smile, and enjoy Birtelli’s pizza!