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3 Tips for Making Pizza in Spring

With each new season comes an opportunity for us to choose the ingredients at their most flavourful and nutritious on your pizza. Yet the Spring season is one where there are limited crops, called ‘The Hunger Gap’ in May – this is where winter vegetables are dwindling and summer vegetables haven’t sprouted yet, it is more crucial than ever throughout this time not to waste fresh food. We are all a little guilty of leaving half used vegetables in the fridge until they eventually get thrown away, contributing to the 6.7million tonnes of food waste produced per year in the UK alone.   

So here are 3 simple tips as to how to live ‘The Hunger Gap’ during the Spring, whilst discovering new ingredients for our pizzas.   

  1. Foraging
  2. Garden
  3. Fridge
Birtelli's Margherita pizza

Margherita’s are the little black dress of the pizza world, timeless and perfect – you can dress them up, or keep it simple and classic.   

By using your Margherita as your little black dress, you can pimp it in any way you like, and this is where all of your leftovers, foraging ingredients, or homegrown herbs and veg help. 

Wild garlic


Wild garlic – Spring is the perfect time to go foraging for this versatile and pungent plant. Wild garlic has a lighter flavour than traditional bulb garlic, and the green, pointed leaves and white flowers of this bulbous perennial flowering plant are easy to identify. Ensure you wash thoroughly, thinly slice and top onto your Margherita to add a beautiful fresh garlic flavour.   

Planted herbs


There’s a huge sense of personal achievement in growing food nurtured by your own efforts, no matter how big or small. But then comes the question. What do I do with it?  

  • Herbs like basil, thyme and parsley  
  • Peas and broad beans, as proven with our new guest pizza, these little gems work perfectly to add that sweet fresh spring flavour.   


And of course, there’s a world of leftovers in everybody’s fridge. The half-used red onion, the remainder of fresh chillies, the lonely mushroom, the last of the olives, all of these are great to add to your Margherita, just finely slice, top, bake and enjoy! 

Make pizza this Spring effortlessly with our freshly prepared and portioned Margherita ready to make and dress with your favourite home ingredients.