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Spring Guest Pizza: Wye Valley Asparagus

One of the events in the foodie calendar is asparagus season. It’s a short and sweet one, running from March to June. Sometimes July, if we’re lucky. Its rarity makes asparagus the jewel in the crown of our latest guest pizza.

We source our asparagus close to home, from Wye Valley Produce in Herefordshire. The beauty of their farm is its location. South-facing slopes mean that their asparagus crop catches the earliest spring sun. This secret ingredient produces some of the season’s first – and tastiest – asparagus.

The coppa we use to complement it, while Italian in name, is actually another local gem. Just on the other side of Birmingham, Peter at Wenlock Farm is something of a charcuterie celebrity. One of British Charcuteries’ pioneers, his meats cause round-the-block queues at farmer’s markets across The Midlands.

Our veggie option features an award-winning feta, which the producers affectionately call Fet-ish (so you know it’s good). Because it’s made using artisanal methods, the textures and flavours of this feta are more delicate than any you’ll find on a supermarket shelf. Which gives this pizza a truly fresh, spring flavour.