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Our Barnardo’s Christmas campaign launch

Bringing a ‘Pizza’ Christmas to Children and Families in need

Barnardo's Illington Children and Family Centre

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with children’s charity Barnardo’s, to bring a unique flavour to this year’s fundraising activity. 

We are working with Barnardo’s until the end of December and looking to raise £15,000 for the charity by supporting the Kidsmas campaign, which includes a live event at Birmingham Town Hall

During the next two months, we are aiming to deliver some Christmas cheer and fun by delivering our pizza meal kits to children and families that are supported by Barnardo’s, helping them spend time together and eating home-grown produce-based pizzas, including our Christmas Guest pizza. 

Our visit to Barnardo’s Children and Family centre

We launched this campaign just a stone’s throw away at the charity’s Warwickshire Children & Family Centre, where staff and volunteers were able to see first-hand just how much creating, cooking and eating pizza can bring people together. We arrived to an eager team, serving up a mixture of fresh stone baked pizzas from our Leamington store as well as our home crafted pizza kits to inject some joy and flavour into the team meeting.  

Birtelli's Pizza Kits

“Christmas time can be a fantastic time for many children, but for some children living in poverty or living in social isolation it can bring many challenges.”

– Aoibheann Doherty, Barnardo’s fundraising manager

Aoibheann Doherty, Community Fundraising Manager at Barnardo’s said: “Staff and volunteers were delighted when Birtelli’s approached them and suggested this innovative partnership as part of the wider Kidsmas campaign, particularly given the impact Covid 19 has had on families throughout the area. 

“They were able to see just how, together, we’ll be able to deliver moments of happiness, wellbeing and laughter to our support services across the UK.

“We are grateful for the support of Birtelli’s through this partnership. We’re hoping it will inject some flavour and joy into Christmas this year, for both the children we care for and as a thank you to our own colleagues and volunteers who have worked so hard over the last 18 months. 

Delivering Birtelli's fresh stone baked to Illington Children and Family centre Barnardo's

“It was great to launch the campaign by rewarding some of the unsung heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic, Barnardo’s volunteers and staff. 

“They have all worked so hard supporting and protecting children and young people across the UK, so deserve the recognition and the tasty pizzas served up at our meeting.” 

Liz Dovey and Julie Joannides were among the Barnardo’s colleagues who helped launch the partnership with Birtelli’s, and saw first-hand the way cooking and eating food can bring people together. 

Liz, an Early Years Practitioner said: “The last 18 months have been a challenge as we have tried to find different ways to support families and young children to access our services. 

Barnardo's Key workers outside Illington children and family centre

“Fortunately, with additional donations and thanks to partnerships like this one, we were able to support families with digital options of connection and craft and activity packs so that they could access our services at home. 

– Liz Dovey, Barnardo’s practitioner

“We know working digitally has its benefits but, just like with the children and families we help, being there in person makes such a difference and we are really enjoying things now that we can deliver small face to face groups again in our centres. 

Julie, a Children’s Services Manager, said: “This year has been incredibly challenging for our staff teams keeping services open for families whilst homeschooling their own children or caring for other family members. 

“The generous donation of pizzas for our staff team was very welcome and a lovely way to show appreciation of all of their hard work. In order to continue to support others, we know that we must look after ourselves and it is not often our staff get such a delicious treat. 

“It has given us a much needed boost, as we experienced first-hand the way cooking and eating food can bring people together and have fun. “

– Julie, Barnardo’s children’s service manager

Frying Pan and Grill Method

“We are all very aware that some families will be impacted greatly by poverty and will rely on the additional support that Barnardo’s can offer through their fundraising activities.” 

By working with Barnardo’s we want to help raise awareness of children and families that miss out on the magic of Christmas time, while also raising vital funds to support vulnerable children across the UK. 

But, of course, we aren’t forgetting those who provide that unrivalled support to those in need throughout the pandemic, come rain or shine – the Barnardo’s volunteers and colleagues. 

Together with Barnardo’s volunteers, we’ll be delivering our home pizza crafting experience, helping to bring children, families and volunteers together to connect, make pizza, laugh and smile. 

All proceeds go towards Barnardo’s Kidsmas campaign to raise money to help give vulnerable children a magical Christmas, and a brighter future. 

Help us to raise funds

Join us and bring a ‘pizza’ Christmas to someone deserving and help us raise vital funds. With every pizza kit sold up to the end of December, we will be donating £1, with many more fundraising activities planned to help those less fortunate rediscover the magic of Christmas.