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Barnardo’s – Helping children in care become independent adults

Birtelli's pizza kit delivery

Our ongoing partnership with Barnardo’s will see children in care across the UK benefit from our fundraising activity to help them with the transition to independent adult lives.

With the number of children in care expected to hit 100,000 in 2025, funding in this area is taking on increasing importance. 

The money raised will help the children’s charity support young people leaving care, who have no family support network and are often left to learn life lessons on their own.

They provide emotional support and help with learning every day, practical skills young people will need for adult life, including a family-orientated Christmas time

– Aoibheann doherty, Barnardo’s fundraising manager

We are hoping to raise £15,000 before Christmas through our fundraising activity, some of which will be used by the charity to give young adults leaving care a safety net through its Supported Lodgings Service. 

This includes 18-year-old H* who has been helped by the charity’s scheme after she left foster care in 2020.  H* is currently living with Cheryll and her family in Warwickshire and is benefitting from having the support most teenagers leaving care are sadly not getting. 

Supported Lodgings is a fantastic system from Barnardo’s and enables families like mine to provide vital support to thousands of young people like H every year


To mark the Supported Lodgings fundraising initiative H and Cheryll were given an opportunity to spend time together preparing, creating and eating a family dinner, thanks to our pizza kits. 

Making and eating pizza at home to celebrate the fundraising campaign simply highlighted how food can bring people together to create fun times.


Since moving into Cheryll’s home, H has embarked on an apprenticeship, passed her driving test, joined a gym and been on family holidays. She has also improved her cooking skills and done tasks most people learn from their parents, including registering with a doctor, dentist and the electoral role. 

I was worried about what my future would hold as an adult, but now I know the world is my oyster, with Cheryll and her family behind me


H is the fourth person Cheryll has welcomed into her home through Supported Lodgings. While two have been short term emergency young adults, one stayed for more than a year and they are still in regular contact. 

We had such fun together creating our own pizzas, then eating them together as a family; a family that H is very much part of now, and will continue to be so as long as she needs.

– Cheryll

It’s fantastic to see how the money we’re raising is making a difference and is being used to help young adults not only transition from childhood but also experience the magic of Christmas time they might normally miss out on. 

Together with Barnardo’s staff, volunteers and people like Cheryll and her family, we’ll be spending the next few weeks delivering our home pizza crafting experience, helping to bring children, families and volunteers together to connect, make pizza, laugh and smile.  

Help us to raise funds

Join us on our journey to bring a slice of happiness to every home this Christmas and beyond. With every pizza kit sold up to the end of December, we will be donating £1, with many more fundraising activities planned to help those less fortunate rediscover the magic of Christmas.