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Christmas Guest Pizza: A ‘pizza’ Christmas

Award winning Warwickshire smoked turkey and Berkshire brie style cheese 

Taste the magic of  Christmas through your Birtelli’s pizza. Award winning Adlington Farm smoked turkey, with Waterloo, a soft, rich and buttery brie style cheese from Berkshire. Finished with sumptuous Stokes Cranberry Sauce, crunchy walnuts and aromatic rosemary. Decadent! 

In leafy Balsall Common, Warwickshire, lies Oak Pheasant Farm, home to the Adlington’s turkey farm since 1956. Today the welfare of the turkey’s and farm is in the capable hands of Rod Adlington: 

“We take the welfare of our turkeys very seriously, and are proud of the high standard of care we provide. Our corn-fed turkeys are raised by hand in the heart of rural Warwickshire, using techniques that we [Adlington] have perfected over three generations”. 

– Rod Adlington

Each year we go back to Rod and his team because we trust their methods and the quality of their award winning smoked turkey. Their turkeys are free from hormones and growth promoters, and reared naturally using traditional turkey farming methods, producing some of the finest and tastiest turkey meat for our Christmas pizza! 

Like you, we love artisan cheese at Birtelli’s and only if it comes with a story! Since 1986 Anne Wigmore and family have been producing some of the finest artisan cheeses from their humble surroundings in Berkshire. You will now find their cheeses in some of the finest restaurants across the UK…and of course Birtelli’s! 

Awarding winning Waterloo is a soft, rich and creamy cheese, with its naturally golden centre stemming from the milk of pedigree Guernsey cows. The happy cows graze the pastures of the river meadows, hilltops and valleys, surrounding the secluded grounds of luxurious Heckfield Place hotel in Hampshire. We complement this with an extra special touch to a seasonal favourite, Stokes cranberry sauce, packed full of cranberries with side notes of Orange and Ruby Port.

Order your Christmas pizza either in store or to craft at home with the family this Christmas.