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A ‘Pizza’ Inspiration for your Christmas Leftovers

The Big Issue estimates that the UK throws away 270,000 tonnes of food each year. A disproportionate amount of this is at Christmas time. So this year let’s address this, be a little more creative with those delicious festive morsels, and have some family fun with a ‘pizza’ inspiration! 

What’s in your fridge? Grab those leftovers and let’s make pizza! With our convenient pizza kits, you’ll have everything ready to make your pizzas, including your favourite award-winning toppings. You bring the leftovers and creativity, and together we will make sure your Christmas meals go further than just turkey sandwiches this year. 

Here are 5 Christmas leftovers you should use on your pizza:

  • Turkey / Nut Rroast 
  • Cheese 
  • Roasted onions 
  • Cranberry sauce 
  • Pigs in blankets  

Paul’s personal favourite is cheese! 

Birtelli’s Executive Chef

“We all enjoy fine cheese at Christmas, whether that’s a soft brie style Waterloo or smokey cheddar from Snowdonia, all of which perfectly compliment a Birtelli’s pizza to create something even more decadent!”  

Paul Foster, Birtelli’s executive chef

Turkey or Nut Roast 

Whether you are enjoying Turkey or a Nutroast, as the main event on Christmas Day, many families end up with loads left over. 

Cheese from any cheese boards 

Cheese Boards are a much loved festive table sharer, ​​but this may mean you’re left with lots of odds and ends of different cheeses that you’re not sure what to do with. Cheese and pizza goes hand in hand.  

Roasted onions 

Although we don’t want to recommend using brussel sprouts on a pizza, roasted veg, specifically red onions, work perfectly, adding a caramelised note to the rest of your pizza.  

Cranberry Sauce 

Whether it is a shop-bought or homemade, cranberry sauce dolloped on a pizza can add the perfect balance of sweetness and sharpness, whilst reminding you of Christmas day.

Pigs in blankets 

As the nation’s Christmas dinner favourite, it’s unlikely you’ll have any of this leftover, but if you have extra pieces of bacon or 1 lonely pig in blanket leftover, by removing the skin and breaking apart the sausage meat you will release all of its flavours onto the remainder of your pizza topping.

So, grab those Christmas leftovers and let’s make pizza!