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We think outside the pizza box

Once you receive your Birtelli’s you’ll unbox it to discover the goodness that lies within and soon get crafting your home baked pizzas. Here you get to learn more about what goes inside your Birtelli’s box and how best to craft your Birtelli’s anywhere, anyhow.

Prepare pizza like a professional

You’ll find how simple and thoughtful we’ve made your Birtelli’s pizza kits, but just in case, we’ve created helpful guides to assist you along the way. Choose a category from the list below to get you started.

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  • Baking Methods
  • Hand Stretch
  • Pizza Topping
  • Packaging

Baking Methods

Dough Ball with Frying Pan

Handstretch your dough ball and learn how to achieve pizza oven results with a frying pan and grill in less than 10 minutes.

Crafted Base in Home Oven

Using our ready to top, stone baked bases, you’ll find a convenient and simple way to start your pizza crafting journey and enjoy restaurant quality results in just 10 mins.

Dough Ball with Pizza Oven

Keep that oven hot…the guide is on it’s way!

Hand Stretch

Stretch Stretch Baby

Learn how to hand stretch a dough ball the easy way. Easy pizzee!

Pizza Topping


100% buffalo mozzarella from Leamington Spa’s very own Aubrey Allen, garnished with fragrant basil.

Ticklemore Goats Cheese

Devonshire’s zesty Ticklemore goats cheese with spinach, red onion and sweet comfy onion marmalade (no mozzarella).

Wild Mushroom

Earthy oyster mushrooms from the national forest in Leicestershire, complemented by chestnut mushrooms, red onions and spinach.

Biggleswade Chilli & Capsicums

Bedfordshire Biggleswade chilli with sweet yellow capsicums and roasted red peppers topped with hot roquito peppers.

The Vegan Garden

Fresh garden flavours of artichoke hearts, spring and red onions, chestnut mushrooms, and red capsicums, finished with a touch of Mediterranean black olives and Sunblush tomatoes (no mozzarella). Vegan cheese available.

Wenlock Edge Coppa

Shropshire Coppa (cured ham) from award-winning Wenlock Edge Farm, with chestnut mushrooms and spring onions.

Mackenzies Smoked Chicken

Mackenzies Yorkshire Smokehouse chicken, with grilled sweetcorn and Sunblush tomatoes.

Spicy Dorset Nduja

Spicy and aromatic Nduja sausage from Capreolus, Dorset, made with ancho chilli and cayenne pepper, topped with red capsicums, roasted peppers and Sunblush tomatoes.

Wenlock Edge Hunters Salami

Shropshire Wenlock Edge Farm Beef and Pork Salami Based on a traditional Swiss family recipe and a lush combination of roasted peppers, Sunblush tomatoes and black olives.

Cobble Lane Pepperoni

The finest English Pepperoni from award-winning charcuterie, Cobble Lane Cured in Islington.

Guest – Suffolk Chorizo & Chicken

Award winning Lane Farm Suffolk Chorizo smoked over oak and beech chippings and Mackenzies Yorkshire smoked chicken breast, crafted with roasted red peppers, chilli flakes and the nuttiness of Berkswell cheese to finish.

Guest – Asparagus & Coppa

Seasonal Herefordshire Asparagus with Wenlock Edge Farm Coppa (cured ham), crafted with spring onions and garden peas.

Guest – Asparagus & Feta

Seasonal Herefordshire Asparagus with award winning handmade Somerset Feta, crafted with spring onions and garden peas.

Guest – Six Nations

Smoked English ham, layered with rich porter infused Irish cheddar creating caramel undertones. Strengthened by Italian tomato sauce and Scottish mozzarella, with the craft of Welsh leeks and French garlic oil.

Guest – Christmas Pizza

Award Winning Warwickshire Smoked Turkey and Berkshire Waterloo cheese. Adlington Farm smoked turkey, with Waterloo, a soft, rich and buttery brie style cheese from Berkshire. Finished with sumptuous Stokes Cranberry Sauce, crunchy walnuts and aromatic rosemary.


100% Sustainable

Learn about each individual pack that safely and sustainably wraps and protects your pizzas whilst on their journey to you. Everything you receive, can be eaten, reused, recycled or composted.